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Welcome to the York Hiking Club Newsletter, a complete monthly listing of hikes, work trips, special events and announcements.  


All are welcome to come on out on a hike to see what the club is all about.


A welcome sheet is handed out at every hike.  This sheet has all you need to join and get on the mailing list.


Need more information on a hike or activity?


Just contact the event leader- they will be happy to answer your questions.


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January 2019

Chairperson: Sarah Tateosian, 717-741-2652.


(In the event of inclement weather, please contact the hike leader in advance of the meet time 
for information on any change in the activity.)

(Please make telephone calls before 9PM.)


Blue links below take you to a map page!  

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Fee for a hike is only if one Carpools.


Please volunteer to lead a hike or two for this 2019 year.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 6 - LONG HIKE (10-11 MILES): Hiking in Michaux State Forest on the trails less traveled. Expect hills, rocks, and possible stream crossings (we have had near-record rain fall this year!) Bring boots, lunch, water; dress for the weather forecast. Hot chocolate will be served at Creekside Cottage afterwards. Feel free to bring leftover Christmas cookies! There is a possible shorter option for those who don't want to do 10 miles. Please contact the hike leader if planning on meeting at Caledonia State Park Office instead of the meeting location.


Meeting Location: 1201 Woodberry Road parking, York PA 

Departure Time: 8:00 AM
Alternative Meeting Location: Caledonia State Park Office, 9:00 AM
Hike Leader: Pat Yale, (717) 495-2839 or 

Carpool Fee: $5.00


SUNDAY, JANUARY 13 – PORK AND SAUERKRAUT HIKE: Join us for the traditional Pork & Sauerkraut event at JPJ. Jim McCoy will lead a 5 to 6 mile circle hike from the cabin leaving promptly at 10:00 a.m. There is rugged terrain in this area, but the hike will be at a comfortable pace. Good boots and water and a positive outlook for the New Year are all that are required! Once again Diane McCoy will be preparing the meal. The meal will be served at 1:30 p.m. to hikers & non-hikers alike. Reservations are required and must be made by 8:00 PM. Thursday Jan. 10, and once made, must be paid. Cost for the meal will tentatively be $4.00 plus a $1.00 cabin fee for members and $2.00 for non-members. Call Diane at (717) 984-2712 to reserve. JPJ, 1145 Furnace Rd, Airville, PA 17302.


SUNDAY, JANUARY 20 - LONG HIKE (8 MILES): We will travel north to Little Buffalo State Park where we will do an 8 mile LOOP (NO SHUTTLE!!!). There are lots of ups and downs to keep us warm. Please note; on the cover of the latest logbook there is a sketch of the gristmill at Little Buffalo State Park. Need water, lunch and good hiking shoes/boots. 


Meeting Location: North End meeting place Exit 24 route 83 Park and ride Lot N/E Corner

Departure Time: 8:00 AM
Hike Leaders: Tom and Phyllis Morley, (717) 825-6712 or
Carpool Fee: $5.00


SUNDAY, JANUARY 20 - SHORT HIKE (4.3 MILES): We will be hiking the new off the road section of the Mason-Dixon Trail in Hellam Hills plus some road walking. Come and see the work that the Thursday work crew has done. Wear good hiking boots for the off the road section.


Meeting Location: Boscov's East Parking lot at Galleria Mall, near Red Robin 

Departure Time: 1:30 PM
Hike leader: Jim Hooper or 

Carpool Fee: $1.00

FRIDAY, JANUARY 25-COVERED DISH DINNER AND SLIDE SHOW: York Township Recreation Building, 25 Oak St, York, PA 17402 (white building in park near the playground) from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Bring a dish to share. Having your own place setting is appreciated, but paper goods will be available. Our special speaker Ron Warner is back again by popular demand. He has this to say about his talk: Nowhere else in the world has so much of the earth exposed so beautifully as southern Utah and northern Arizona. There are more beautiful places to hike there than can be visited in one lifetime. In the ten years that I lived and worked at Bryce Canyon National Park, the Colorado Plateau was my hiking playground. I have more than 200,000 photographs of the area. It has been three years since I gave a talk to your group. The show will be similar to what I did before, a quick overview of hiking the Colorado Plateau, then a focus on one or two particular hikes, this time Capitol Reef National Park, rather than Canyonlands. My program is entitled: The Greatest Earth on Show.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 27 - SHORT HIKE (4.5 MILES): Let’s go just south of the Mason Dixon Line to near Parkton, MD. There we will hike on the Northern Central Railroad Trail called the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail. We will walk along beautiful icy Fourth Mine Branch of Little Falls Creek. I am hoping for a light covering of snow to accentuate the icy decorations.


Meeting Location: York County High School of Technology (Vo-Tec) 

Departure Time: 1:00 PM
Hike Leaders: Sarah and Lou Tateosian, (717) 741-2652 

Carpool Fee: $1.00 


New Members: Mike and Paris Brannon, (410) 591-9981 or


Membership Dues 2018-19: Membership dues continue to be $10 for the year, which includes the Turkey Dinner. Many members contribute at a higher level. Checks should be made out to "York Hiking Club” and if mailed, sent to: Kathy Yost Miller, 510 Mundis Mill Rd, York PA 17406


Hike Leaders Wanted: We are so thankful for all of our hike leaders and were fortunate to add several new hike leaders this year. We are always in need of additional new hike leaders, so please consider leading a hike or two in 2019. Please contact David Lukes at if you would like to start leading hikes for the club. Training will be provided. 


Newsletter Paper Subscriptions: Please send all newsletter requests (six months, nonrenewable) with a check for $5.00 made payable to “Membership Chairman: Linda Bean,” 1846 Marigold Road, York, PA 17408-1551 Telephone: 717-881-6651


New Email Address? Contact Bernie Frick ( ). This information is held by the club only and will be used to send club information and for inclusion in our yearly logbook. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please note change: hike leaders should send the sign-up sheet to the membership chairman, Linda Bean ( ) after the hike, and do not forget to send your Hike write-up for the Log Book to  Julie Falsetti ( ).”


Individuals who are willing to lead short hikes on Wednesdays area also wanted. If you would like to lead a Family Friendly hike on Saturday or Sunday please contact the monthly chairperson. A short hike is recommended. Contact David Lukes with any questions about leading hikes at

Thursday Weekly Trail Maintenance: Contact Jim Hooper for information for the current week 717-252-3784 or  

Card Committee: Linda Bean serves as the “card committee.” If you know of someone with a serious illness, having surgery, etc., please notify Linda at or 764-1091 and she will send them a card from the club. New Email Address? Contact Bernie Frick ( ) or Phyllis Morley ( ). This information is held by the club only and will be used to send club information and for inclusion in our yearly logbook. Thank you for your cooperation. 





Please volunteer to lead a hike or two for this year's schedule.

* "If there are no objections within 10 days" refers to things like almost getting a hike kicked out of a park.

A sheet is handed out to all New hikers at the parking lots before the hikes.


Our new place for meetings/events  is inside the York Township Recreation Building, directions as follows:

  From I-83 exit 16, take Queen St (PA-74) south for about 1 mile.  At Campbell Music, turn left onto Oak St.  Drive about a tenth of a mile and stop at the stop sign; do not turn right.  Drive straight ahead past the township building to the small building in the middle of the field.



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Parking lot maps

York County High School of Technology (Vo-Tec)

North End meeting place Exit 24 route 83 Park and ride Lot N/E Corner

Woodberry Road parking

Boscov's East Parking