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Welcome to the York Hiking Club Newsletter, a complete monthly listing of hikes, work trips, special events and announcements.  


All are welcome to come on out on a hike to see what the club is all about.


A welcome sheet is handed out at every hike.  This sheet has all you need to join and get on the mailing list.


Need more information on a hike or activity?


Just contact the event leader- they will be happy to answer your questions.


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April 2018

Chairperson: David Lukes, 717-818-4751



(In the event of inclement weather, please contact the hike leader in advance of the meet time 
for information on any change in the activity.)

(Please make telephone calls before 9PM.)


Blue links below take you to a map page!  

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Fee for a hike is only if one Carpools.


Please volunteer to lead a hike or two for this 2018 year.


SATURDAY, APRIL 7 – CLEAN UP ON THE MDTS: We will be doing the “final” clean-up of the Mason-Dixon Trail above Fishing Creek. This is an old dump site that will need many hands to restore. Safe Harbor is supplying a dumpster. Bring work gloves and boots. If you have a four wheel drive please bring it since we have to drive a little across the farmer’s field. Please contact Jim Hooper via email if you are attending.

Meeting Location: Barry’s Country Food Market, 2589 Craley Rd, Wrightsville, PA 17368
Departure Time: 9:00 AM Trail Maintenance Leader: Jim Hooper,  

SUNDAY, APRIL 8 – LONG HIKE (10 – 12 MILES): We will continue to hike the Horse-Shoe Trail through the rolling hills of Chester County. This hike will begin and end in St. Peter’s Village, an old quarrying town that has been partially restored and has a bakery, among other shops. Most of the hike will be on trails in Warwick County Park, which was the site of one of the many old iron forges and furnaces that the HST travels through. The park has a number of interpretive trails, so we’ll get some exercise and some history lessons. Bring good boots/hiking shoes, lunch, and water.

Meeting Location: East End Meeting Location, York Galleria, Boscov's East Parking by Red Robin Departure Time: 8:00 AM
Carpool Fee: $5.00 Hike Leader: David Lukes, 717-818-4751 or  

TUESDAY, APRIL 10 – JPJ WORK DAY,  FURNACE RD. AIRVILLE, PA 17302: Come out and help get JPJ Cabin ready for summer fun activities! Jobs are available for everyone inside and out. We may be doing some painting inside if it is warm enough and cleaning up from the long winter inside and outside. Wear old clothes and bring lunch. Meet at JPJ at 9:30 AM. Coffee and hot chocolate will be served with homemade something sweet! Let’s plan on taking a short hike after lunch. For more information contact: Sarah Tateosian (717) 741-2652.

SUNDAY, APRIL 15 – SHORT HIKE (6 MILES): Join us for a family and earth friendly hike on the Mason-Dixon Trail from Long Level near Wrightsville to Green Branch Run and back. This is a beautiful section of the trail. I have seen eagles at face level while up here a couple of times. Those who wish may help clean up cans at Green Branch Run (should take less than 1 hr.), others may eat or rest. There will be a climb and rocks at the beginning, then flat and minor hills. Bring gloves, hiking boots, snacks, and water. 

Meeting Location: Lock 2 Parking Area across from Shanks Mare Outfitter, 2101 Fishing Creek Rd, Wrightsville, PA 17368 
Departure Time: 10:00 AM Hike Leader: Janine Zell, 717-684-7891 or  

SATURDAY-SUNDAY, APRIL 21-22 – FLOWER HIKE AND COVERED DISH LUNCH: It is a nice time of the year to spend the night or just come for the day on Sunday. Each spring there is an amazing display of wildflowers along the Susquehanna River at the John Paul Jones Cabin. John Seville will lead the flower hike on Sunday, at 10:30 AM, identifying up to 30 types of wildflowers. Those who would like can continue on for a 4 to 5 mile hike. The others may return to the cabin, sit on the porch or by the fireside, and wait for the lunch which will start at 1:30 PM. Please call Sarah Tateosian with your covered dish selection. 

Meeting Location: JPJ Cabin,  Furnace Road, Airville, PA 17302
Hike Time: April, 22 @ 10:30 AM Hike Leader: John Seville 
Lunch Time: April 22 @ 1:30 PM Covered Dish Coordinator: Sarah Tateosian, 717-741-2652


SUNDAY, APRIL 29 – MEDIUM OR LONG HIKE (6 OR 12 MILES): Let’s go on a challenging adventure on the on the Mason-Dixon Trail, next to the Susquehanna River, from Lock 12 to Posey Road. Depending on the number of people and cars (and weather), you can decide on 6 or 12 miles. Choose either a one way or out and back, starting at the Lock 12 Parking Lot. We'll head north on the MDT, looking out for waterfalls, dams, and the ruins of locks and mills. There will be a couple streams to cross, rocks to climb, and views to enjoy! Wear sturdy hiking boots or shoes, and bring snacks, lunch, and water. Those wishing to meet at the Lock 12 parking lot (first on right), should arrive no later than 8:45 am so we can coordinate shuttle cars at the Posey Rd parking.

Meeting Location: York County High School of Technology (Vo-Tec) Departure Time: 8:00 AM
Car Pool Fee: $1.00 Hike Leader: Debby Morrissey, 617-320-6110 or  


Welcome to New and Returning Members: Carol Davis, 717-825-629; Chris Davis, 717-574-0330; Jeffrey Lu, 507-460-2600; Jean Wolf

KTA Hiking Weekend: April 13-15, Jim Thorpe, PA. See https://www.kta-hike.org/spring-hiking-weekend-2018.html for details.

Appalachian Trail Museum Annual Banquet: May 4 at the newly-renovated Allenberry Resort, Boiling Springs, PA ( www.allenberry.com
). We'll honor the 8th class of the Appalachian Trail Hall of Fame. We'll also say farewell to Karen Lutz, the retiring Mid-Atlantic Regional Director of Appalachian Trail Conservancy. Visit Appalachian Trail Museum’s website www.atmuseum.org for information and to purchase tickets.

Chain Saw Training: Anyone interested in becoming certified to use a chain saw on the AT please contact Tom Morley at or 717-825-6712 for any questions and details. This course will be given on April 14-15 at the ATC's Scott Farm complex. This is a two day all day training and a must if you want to operate a chain saw on the AT and/or for the club. It is a first come first served event, male or female, and it is free to any club member. The club will supply you with the required equipment. 

Horseshoe Trail Section Hike: Over the next few months, we’ll offer a series of hikes that will cover PA’s Horseshoe Trail from end to end, starting at Valley Forge and ending at the AT intersection near RT 325. The trail is a mix of forests and paved roads and the hikes will also cover some side trails. Those interested in hiking the full trail should contact David Lukes at 717-818-4751 or to coordinate times/dates for any sections that aren’t posted in the newsletter or on Facebook.

Beginner Backpacking on the Laurel Highlands Trail: From April 20-22 (with one night option) I’ll be leading a backpacking trip on the Laurel Highlands Trail, with some day hiking included to explore some nearby wild areas. No tent is needed, so less gear to carry, makes this a great beginner trip. Contact David Lukes for details at 717-818-4751 or

2018 Hike Leaders Wanted: We would love to add some new members to our list of hike leaders for 2018. Please contact David Lukes at if you would like to start leading hikes for the club. Training will be provided. 


Newsletter Paper Subscriptions: Please send all newsletter requests (six months, nonrenewable) with a check for $5.00 made payable to “Membership Chairman: Linda Bean,” 1846 Marigold Road, York, PA 17408-1551 Telephone: 717-881-6651

New Email Address? Contact Bernie Frick ( ). This information is held by the club only and will be used to send club information and for inclusion in our yearly logbook. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please note change: hike leaders should send the sign-up sheet to the membership chairman, Linda Bean ( ) after the hike, and do not forget to send your Hike write-up for the Log Book to  Julie Falsetti ( ).”

YHC History: The York County Heritage Trust has a sizable collection of York Hiking Club memorabilia in its library, dating from the Club's founding in 1932 to the early 1980s. For the past 30 years little material has been added to our collection. Our historian, John Seville asks members who have YHC related items to call him at 717-244-6769. 


Individuals who are willing to lead short hikes on Wednesdays area also wanted. If you would like to lead a Family Friendly hike on Saturday or Sunday please contact the monthly chairperson. A short hike is recommended. Contact David Lukes with any questions about leading hikes at

Thursday Weekly Trail Maintenance: Contact Jim Hooper for information for the current week 717-252-3784 or  

Please note: Our historian, John Seville, notes that the York County Heritage Trust has a sizable collection of York Hiking Club memorabilia in its library. However, the material dates from the Club's Founding in 1932 to the early 1980s. For the past 30 years little material has been added to our collection. We want to correct this omission; so John is asking members who have Club related items that might be suitable for inclusion in our archives to call him at 717-244-6769. Examples would be minutes of meetings, accounts of special events, photographs, newspaper articles, etc. No more copies of the annual log books. 

Card Committee: Linda Bean serves as the “card committee.” If you know of someone with a serious illness, having surgery, etc., please notify Linda at or 764-1091 and she will send them a card from the club. New Email Address? Contact Bernie Frick ( ) or Phyllis Morley ( ). This information is held by the club only and will be used to send club information and for inclusion in our yearly logbook. Thank you for your cooperation. 





Please volunteer to lead a hike or two for this year's schedule.

* "If there are no objections within 10 days" refers to things like almost getting a hike kicked out of a park.

A sheet is handed out to all New hikers at the parking lots before the hikes.


Our new place for meetings/events  is inside the York Township Recreation Building, directions as follows:

  From I-83 exit 16, take Queen St (PA-74) south for about 1 mile.  At Campbell Music, turn left onto Oak St.  Drive about a tenth of a mile and stop at the stop sign; do not turn right.  Drive straight ahead past the township building to the small building in the middle of the field.



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Parking lot maps

York County High School of Technology (Vo-Tec)

North End meeting place Exit 24 route 83 Park and ride Lot N/E Corner

Woodberry Road parking

Boscov's East Parking