These lands are special, they are "Preserves"!  All land we hike on is to be treated with care.  But please  take extra care when visiting all 16 of these! 

 Please stay on trails.

Pack out all thing you bring in with you and try to pick up after the rest.

Use Preserves at your own risk.

To keep these Preserves and save more send Donations of even just a $10 bill to:

The Lancaster County Conservancy

P.O. BOX 716

Lancaster, PA. 17608


Also:  Lancaster Conservancy

Will get you a Membership.



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Holly Pointe Conservation 

Area. >>

Upper Hopewell Forge Wildlife 

Sanctuary >>

Windolph Landing Nature 

Preserve >>

Chanastoka Nature Sanctuary >>

Turkey Hill Trail   >>>

Boyer Nature Preserve >>>

Hauer-Trout Run Nature 

Preserve >>

Steinman Run Nature 

Preserve >>

Ray's Woods Nature

Preserve >>

Greider's Run Nature Preserve >>

Tuquan Glen Nature Preserve >>

Wissler Run Nature Preserve >>

Fishing Creek Nature Preserve >>

Ferncliff Wildflower & Wildlife 

Preserve >>

Alexander - King Nature 

Preserve >>

Bell's Run Nature Preserve >>


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This is NOT a "The Lancaster Nature Conservancy" Web page or site.  This is Done buy "The York Hiking Club".  We hope you enjoy the following pages.



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