Wissler Run nature Preserve


   It has some really nice feeder rivulets and it self has both pooling areas and as it get near Susquehannock State Park the run takes on somewhat of a glen.

   Take River road (off of route 372) over the dam to park at Furniss road (not the first one) and park in the game lands lot.  You walk back to the first Furniss road (West) down this road (south)  250' to Gas relay station driveway and enter it.  Go past the station fence (on your left) to the farmland field and follow the tree line/wheel tracks all the way to the south/west corner. 3 photos showing this. Then as you head left, you turn right some 150' later, on to the  horse trail.  Take the trail, to the Run, some 60' and then head down or right. Take this trail all the way to the main Run and then the trail goes down stream.  It crosses the Run and enters the next Park.  Or you can Hike in from Susquehannock State Park on the Rhododendron trail to the Five points trail and before the trail makes a sharp south turn you need to bushwack up the run and once you get to the horse trail you are there.

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