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   The Horse-Shoe Trail Club, Inc. maintains the Horse-Shoe Trail for hikers, horseback and pony riders.  The trail begins at Valley Forge and runs westward for about 135 miles to its junction with the Appalachian Trail on the crest of Sharp Mountain some twelve miles north of Hershey, PA.  It is marked by painted Yellow blazes; side trails to hostels and points of interest are white-blazed.  Double blazes signify changes in direction.  The trail is a public trail that you use at your own risk!

    In 1926, nine years before he founded the Horse-Shoe Trail, Henry N. Woolman the founder of Abbots Dairy, made a two week horseback trip in the Great Smoky Mountains were the mountain chain divides Tennessee and North Carolina.  With the help of  riding and nature clubs he in 1934 marking the trail.  In 1995 the trail was 60 years old, but although unnamed it was in use before 1765.

    Because in the late 1700's there was a small trail linking the numerous iron ore forges and furnaces in the area.  The Salford Forge near Norristown, The Hopewell Furnace ion French Creek, the Elizabeth Furnace on Route 501, the Grubb Forge, the Old Forge on route 322, the Cornwall Furnace and ore banks, and the Colebrook Furnace in Lebanon County. Copyright 1986 Horse-shoe Trail Club inc.

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